101 Reasons to Breastfeed

Benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby

Recommended by:

1. American Academy of Pediatrics
2. American Academy of Family Physicians
3. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
4. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
5. Center for Disease Control
6. Surgeon General’s Call to Action
7. Healthy People 2020
9. World Health Organization

Benefits of Mother’s Milk

For the Infant
10. Provides optimum and infant nutrition
11. Mother’s milk changes to fulfill the infant’s growing needs
12. Colostrum helps the infant pass meconium
13. Has the right proportion of fat, protein and carbohydrates
14. Tastes better than formula
15. Comes in a variety of flavors
16. Breast milk is always at the right temperature
17. Mother’s milk is always organic
18. Allows infant self-regulate caloric intake
19. Enhances vaccine effectiveness
20. Contains immunities against diseases
21. Provides antibodies
22. Provides antivirus agents
23. Provides anti-allergens
24. Provides anti-parasites
25. Provides DHA
26. Provides ARA
27. Contains natural Prebiotics
28. Contains natural Probiotics
29. Decreases risk of lower respiratory tract diseases
30. Decreases risk of gastrointestinal infection
31. Protects against Crohn’s disease
32. Reduces gastrointestinal reflux
33. Reduces incidence of acute ear infection
34. Protects against bacterial meningitis
35. Decreases risk of asthma
36. Decreases risk of Type 2 Diabetes
37. Decreases risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
38. Decreases risk of childhood cancers
39. Decreases risk of Hodgkin’s Disease
40. Decreases chance of allergies
41. Decreases risk of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
42. Promotes cognitive development
43. Promotes speech development
44. Facilitates dental and jaw development
45. Lowers incidence of dental cavities
46. Reduces bottle tooth decay
47. Lowers risk of eczema
48. Reduces risk of urinary tract infection
49. Reduces risk of inguinal hernia
50. Optimizes hand-to-eye coordination
51. Protects infant against vision defects
52. Reduces risk of cardiopulmonary distress
53. Provides natural pain relief
54. Promotes bonding between mother and baby
55. Satisfies emotional needs
56. Promotes social development

For the Premature Infant
57. Protects against Necrotizing Enterocolitis
58. Provides perfect food for preterm infants

For the Mother
59. Lowers risk of postpartum hemorrhage
60. Lowers incidence of postpartum anemia
61. Helps shrink uterus after childbirth
62. Helps lose weight after childbirth
63. Stabilizes progress of endometriosis
64. Provides natural contraceptive for exclusively breastfeeding mothers
65. Lowers Risk of Diabetes
66. Delays onset of Type II Diabetes in mothers with Gestational Diabetes
67. Lowers risk of osteoporosis in late life
68. Lowers risk of breast cancer
69. Lowers risk of ovarian cancer
70. Lowers risk of endometrial cancer
71. Creates bonding with infant
72. Boosts self confidence
73. Helps with postpartum depression
74. More cherished lifetime memories

For the Family
75. Breast milk is free
76. Saves money spent on corrective orthodontia
77. Saves time – no mixing required
78. No bottles to tote
79. Breastfeeding does not require refrigeration
80. Less equipments to buy
81. Less equipments to store
82. Less equipments to maintain
83. No genetically engineered materials
84. No synthetic growth hormones
85. No need to worry about harmful effect of DHA or ARA supplementation
86. Fresh breast milk is never contaminated with bacteria
87. No risk of adding contaminated water
88. Nicer diaper changes
89. Easier to clean spit-up stains
90. Breast milk has never been recalled
91. No need to worry about choosing which brand
92. Breast milk has all the ingredients needed for the infant’s health and growth
93. Easier to travel with a breastfeeding baby
94. Breast milk is readily available in emergencies

For the Community, Society and the World
95. Less parental employee absenteeism due to sick babies
96. Estimated 3.6 billion dollars less of health cost each year in the U.S.
97. Breastfeeding is the key for infant’s survival in emergencies
98. Breastfeeding is locally available
99. Breastfeeding reduces trash for landfill from disposal of formula cans
100. Breastfeeding eliminates energy cost required by the production of formula
101. Breastfeeding reduces carbon footprint from transportation of formula