Healthy Mothers’ Workplace Coalition

Our mission is to improve the health of working mothers and their infants.

Healthy Mothers' Workplace

The Healthy Mothers’ Workplace Coalition is a collaboration of non-profit organizations, government agencies, and employers created to improve the working conditions and health of new parents.

Workplace conditions affect the health of new parents and their young children. Working mothers confront challenges balancing healthy motherhood and child development with their careers. Employer policies related to lactation accommodation, pregnancy and parental leave, and work-life balance can affect critical health outcomes for women and infants. These workplace policy differences lead to potential disparities in critical health outcomes for women and infants, including postpartum depression, psychological stress, breastfeeding duration, and childhood development.

The Healthy Mothers’ Workplace Coalition was formed to tackle these inequities and gaps in policy. It aims to improve working conditions and ensure lactation accommodations while educating and supporting employers and working parents.

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